Thursday, February 25, 2010


As a child, my biggest fear was the dark. Always afraid that something would come out of the shadows and take me into the darkness in which they live. However, when I had finally hit the age of twelve, the dark was no longer my biggest fear. After seeing the movies, Child's Play and It, I soon became terrified of not only clowns, but dolls. Things in my room were soon starting to disappear and I was starting to become more afraid. Glass dolls from my grandmother are hidden on the top shelf of my closet, face down, covered with a blanket. I couldn't even bear to attend a younger cousin's birthday party or any other event that a clown would be at.In the movie IT, there is a scene where a little boys boat falls down the sewer drain and that dumb clown is standing right there to offer him a balloon in exchange for the boat. This scene has given me the fear of storm drains as well. I'm always afraid the there may be something out of the ordinary down that little hole. Those were my biggest fears as a child, and they have followed me to this day.